Pikla is a happy place, an urban hangout for anyone who wants to taste the local culture.

The pandemic has impoverished small businesses. In February 2021, Voula, the owner of the former pickle, was on the verge of bankruptcy due to repeated lockdowns. So was her neighbor, John, who ran a coffee bar. In contrast to the times, in harmony with their youth, instead of closing down they took the risk to join their forces. The merger resulted in an all-day relaxed, modern, and happy space that offers coffee, local food and tapas, local liquors, and signature cocktails, and welcomes everyone.

Coming all together in sweet harmony


Pikla is Greeklish for pickle. The use of typography as face characteristics in a circle creates a funky character. Loose, playful, and vibrant, the logo expresses the mood of the local hangout. A space that literally grew to give joy in times of depression and promote the local taste culture. 



The identity was applied to both printed products and digital media. Placemats, menus, aprons, tote bags, coffee cups, stickers, take-away packaging, products, digital menus, signage, and social media.






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