Fisiolab is a physiotherapy laboratory owned by physiotherapist Apostolis Kalantzis. 

Working as a freelance physiotherapist in Athens seemed to tire Apostolis. That was when he made a turn in his life. Together with his life partner, in their mid-30s, they decided to make a new start in his hometown. A new start meant new professional beggings. So he started his own physiotherapy laboratory. We created his brand identity and applications to various objects.

Sometimes, someone needs a little more “push” for the right design decitions. 


Apostolis is a cool guy, open-minded, young, and alive, with experience and great professional skills, as he had successfully managed heavy cases of patients in his freelance career. But the visual language he would choose was far away from both the above description and his laboratory’s design philosophy (a minimally designed lab, with Japanese style references, very fresh, very calm, very welcoming).

He was the typical kind of person who didn’t know what was right for his lab’s visual communication.    



Sticking to what he is as a person and bringing in front his professional expertise we came up with the concept of waves. The briefing keywords were flow, movement, precision, balance, force. We created a flat mark of a wave, accompanied by the letter mark in the same style.


The identity was applied to corporate brochures (business card, envelope, letterhead, A4 folder), promotional brochures, corporate clothing and accessories, signage, corporate exterior surfaces covering, and digital applications (social media, mail cover, screen slides).



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