Workers & Queens

Branding & Packaging through Storytellling

The third generation of Stefanos Manouras company, known for its beekeeping and honey production since 1960, entrusted us with creating a new brand identity for their honey products, along with designing labels for their eight main honey products.

During the naming process, we coined the name “WORKERS & QUEENS” to showcase the enchanting world of bees. The message “trust the process” reinforces the company’s commitment to embracing and respecting the bee community.

The symbolic aspect of the logo, a stylized representation of a Queen bee, takes precedence over the verbal component, capturing the essence of the business. The logo is monochromatic, exuding stability yet agility as it adopts the color of its “environment” (when applied on labels, it takes the main color of each one). When isolated in applications, the Queen bee symbol is consistently gold-printed and centrally positioned in the design, symbolizing the company’s profound respect for the bee community.

Label design

We created a structural form of the flower by removing content from this grid. This transformation resulted in a pattern representing a network, a footprint of processes in both bee society and human life.

The design journey for Stefanos Manouras’ third-generation honey products embarked on a tribute to tradition and innovation. Delving into the rich history of the company, established in beekeeping and honey production since 1960, our exploration began with the study of traditional Greek embroidery patterns. In catalogues of intricate stitches, we discovered a connection to the family’s enduring legacy and their commitment to time-honored beekeeping methods, passed down through three generations. Inspired by an embroidered flower, we subtly integrated this nod to tradition into the label’s back text, preserving the essence of the company’s roots while embracing modernization and experience gained over six decades.


Our mood board expanded to include a diverse range of influences, from the complex architecture of a block of flats symbolizing community building to the intricate routes meticulously designed for both bees and humans. The resulting label design, showcasing a flower symbolizing the nectar-collecting process within a grid, evolves into a network pattern, mirroring the intricate societies of bees and humans. The duotone palette and gold foil bring elegance, mirroring the honey’s diverse flavors and the hierarchical structure within the bee community. With each one of the 8 labels (designed in two sizes) representing a unique honey type, the final visuals embody a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, paying homage to the company’s profound respect for the bee community.



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