V&V Macrame

V&V macramé approached us to design the promotional material for the Maison 2023 exhibition in Paris. The company needed to showcase its identity, services, and popular products to industry professionals.

We designed a unified printed piece that presents the company, services, case studies, and handmade products.
It is a large format catalogue, of 80 pages, divided into four issues (a company profile, a case study, and two portfolio issues), foldable, and portable, thanks to a handmade macramé strap passing through the horizontal binding axis. In the two portfolio issues of the catalogue, we placed the products prominently in the layout to emphasize their size.

We named all the products and created a verbal expression that mimics the voice of the creator. We applied a free typography system throughout the manual, creating the feel of the creator’s scrapbook. We semantically linked the content to the company’s philosophy by photographing the biggest pieces of furniture in a natural environment.

We bridged the thematic gap between the issues by applying the photos to all of them. On the cover, the image of the roots connects the corporate identity with notions of naturalness, authenticity, trust, and strong foundations.


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