Orthopedic Surgeon


Nikos Sargiotis is an Orthopedic Surgeon. Recently he made a new start by moving from state hospitals to his own medical practice. That created the need for a brand new identity.  

Nikos may be young, but he is very well known as one of the most skilled, and experienced orthopedic surgeons in the district. He is very dear, communicative, and approachable to his patients. His vision is to reach his private practice to the level that it can be offered for free for those who are in need.

Nikos is undoubtedly a great surgeon. But, based on our experience, the greater the doctor, the most difficult our job is. Well, at least, that gives us some kind of comfort…

From the first brief, we concluded that we had to communicate the doctor’s expertise. Studying anatomy, observing various scans in endless meetings with the doctor, designing loads of various forms in the context of anatomy so as to communicate his expertise, led us… well, nowhere! At least three rounds of abstract marks and packs of backups were canceled.

That fact led us both to the conclusion that the first brief should be excluded. The client’s initial approach was not satisfying, so was ours.

A surgeon who sees man as an entity and not as a patient.


In the fourth round of logos, we worked on the doctor’s primary philosophy and vision. That was an anthropocentric, holistic view of the human in the context of orthopedics. In combination with the fact that the surgeon specializes in sports injury rehabilitation, we created a human monoline mark in movement. The spontaneous character of the line and the act of movement of the human in the mark expresses an end feeling that satisfies both parties. The mark stands alone. No word comes with it, except only in branding applications. 


The identity was applied to corporate brochures (business card, envelope, letterhead, A4 folder), signage, large-scale prints, and digital applications.



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