Avendi is Real Estate and Insurance Services office, owned by Christos Lefas.
Christos asked for a contemporary, minimal logo that would combine both the real estate and insurance services and communicate the holistic services provided in each field. The semiology of a house would be appreciated and the use of the colour red was assessed.

The design desideratum was how to combine two different kinds of services into one logo.


The real estate services address very high budgets while the insurance services are considered competitive when keeping low fees. The first addresses the few, the second adresses the mass.

The design solution was to combine the letter A, its smaller duplicate, and the infinity symbol in a monoline logo.


The identity was applied to corporate brochures (business card, envelope, letterhead, A4 folder, A5 folder), promotional brochures, signage, corporate vehicles, various prints (posters and banners), and digital applications (social media, mail cover, screen slides).



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